For the Orthodontists who has undergone the Cad training at Berininov

Berininov believes in interactive technology. Berininov for the first time in Cad Cam Industry put the orthodontist first. All other CAD CAM labs in India sells brackets with customized bases.   Berininov Does not believe in that.   At Berininov, we know that it is the orthodontist who decides the treatment and lab is only a facility to provide what the orthodontist demands. So we introduced this state of the art technology into orthodontics, where the orthodontist decides the treatment plan and positions the teeth according to his plan. This is a cloud-based tooth positioning protocol that is done online.  So the digital dental Alignment can be done with the patient on the chair or at the comfort of your home or office. The whole process is simplified and might take about 20 minutes. With the new system Torque angulation, in out and Arch form an archwire pattern is customized for each patient all done within 20 minutes.

You choose the appliance, you choose the base pattern, you choose the slot orientation, you choose the bracket design, and thus you can decide your own combinations.  For doing this the doctor has to undergo special training at Berininov.

For the Orthodontists who has not undergone the Cad training at Berininov

But to try our system you do not have to undergo the Technical training to run the CAD-CAM System.  You only need to know the basic Lingual Orthodontic procedures.   At Berininov we have super-efficient Digital Dental Technicians who can do it right for you.

After dental alignment, the bracket designing is done. Picture of Dental Alignment

The bracket design is done with the excellent dental finish in mind and hence the bracket is very precise, comfortable to the patient and will result in an excellent finish intraorally.   The brackets are designed in software and later fabricated by Laser Sintering.  The bracket slot can have either Edgewise or Ribbon wise as per the need of the doctor.  Picture -The designed Bracket

Later archwire pattern and post-treatment prediction model are printed by DLP Based CAD-CAM System. Picture of Prediction Models, Archwire patterns

These brackets are tried out on the post-treatment prediction models with the finishing wire in place for the final fit, alignment, and position.  Picture

Customized Orthodontic Treatment Protocol

The various options available at Berininov includes customizing Labial Appliances and Lingual Appliances

  • Labial Appliance
  • Lingual Appliance
  • Upper Lingual
  • Lower Labial Appliance
  • Upper Labial Lower Lingual appliance
  • Social Six

The Brackets are oriented on the pretreatment Model. EZ Cure Transfer templates are fabricated from this. The process is flawless and the precision is assured.  Picture of Transfer trays

Finally, the entire set up is fabricated, arranged and send to the doctor for bonding in each patient. It contains


Picture of Bracket container with accessories


  • A suggested treatment sequence planned as per the requirement of the doctor.
  • The EZ Cure template with the brackets oriented at precise positions.
  • DVD or any other storage device containing the 3d data that can be seen with the help of a computer or even to take a 3d print out if needed later.
  • Precise sequentially formed archwires.