Lingual Braces are safe to use

Lingual braces are braces that are worn on the lingual side of teeth. This is also called as hidden braces. The entire aspect is away from the regular “train track” braces. Many patients feel that the lingual braces are more perfect and its esthetic significance is also excellent. This is very safe to use and the smile is normal, very similar to regular ones. The placement of the braces is on the inner side of the teeth (Lingual side). This type of braces makes the patients smile more and attractive. The patients might feel mild tongue thrusting and lisping speech in the initial stages.  This is a good sign as it indicates that the braces are acting against the abnormal forces applied by the tongue on the teeth.  The small size of the braces has proved to be more comfortable for all. This treatment procedure is very much appreciated in the public as it is completely free of any plastics or chemical-free. Read the complete blog to get further more information on the below sections


Uses of hazard-less treatment:

  1. No hazardous Plastics are seen inside the mouth, only 100% invisible Berininov Lingual Brackets are used to make your smile perfect.
  2. They are completely invisible.
  3. The best solution irrespective of age, sex, tooth size, etc.
  4. Lingual Braces offers the best control over tooth movements from the orthodontist point of view.
  5. One can expect perfect results in the form of excellent alignment of crowding and correction of spacing, in all mild to moderate orthodontic cases.
  6. In case of severe cases, the lingual orthodontic appliance is the treatment of choice.  As it gives better correction than a regular appliance. 
  7. Can be used in Class 1, II, III and in all malocclusions including cross-bite, overbite, deep bite, open bite, mandibular protrusions, etc.
  8. Moreover, a few days after fixing it becomes like part of one’s body and normal maintenance is all that one wants. That is no “special care”  is needed. 
  9. The Lingual appliance unlike another invisible aligner like appliances move the roots also to the desired positions so chances of the abnormality to revert back are very less. 
  10. Lingual Appliance is a fixed appliance and not a removable one and hence the results are guaranteed.
  11. Excellent prognosis

Thus, the chemical-free fixed appliance is very effective in patient satisfaction and are budget-friendly. The best part is that the new Berininov Lingual appliance is completely painless.   

Difference between others and lingual appliances

In the Lingual appliance placement, the functional impairment score will be less than 4 (when checked in the scale that is calculated from 0 to 10. The 10 score shows that the teeth are in a very bad functional state).

Similarly while placing the plastic materials and others in the oral cavity they might lead to the health hazard. There can be irritation seen in the soft tissues as the plastic material might impinge over the gingival surfaces and cause ulceration leading to other major problems.

There is no chemical used in the lingual appliance. But in plastic appliances many chemicals like Polycarbonate, ethlenel vynil acetate, Bispinol, etc are alloyed and used, the other chemicals such as are also said to be used Phthalates, Vinyl Chloride, Dioxins, and Styrenes, etc. There can be tingling, itching sensitivity felt in tongue and gums. There are many other symptoms like extreme allergy include breathing issues, and skin and mucosal irritations and rashes can also occur because of the plastics used.  If any such symptoms are noticed immediately take the person to the dentist or medical doctor at the earliest.


The use of such lingual appliances do not show any form of allergic reactions and it is very much effective in bringing about great changes in the tooth movement and facial appearance. The lingual appliance moves the root also to the desired positions so the tendency towards relapse is much reduced. Hence lingual braces are the best choice for anyone seeking orthodontic corrections with invisible braces. It is also the most recommended orthodontic appliance at present for severe cases that needs fixed orthodontic treatments.

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